Tuesday, November 6, 2007

G train gets an F?

Last week when I was entering the Christopher St. 1 station, I was greeted with a sign that made me smile. "Rider Reports- Grade the G Train" urged the sign. I have been waiting the past two years to do exactly that- and here was my golden opportunity. Howard H. Roberts has been so very kind to provide subway riders with report cards so we can grade the trains. Each train has a special time period when it is graded by riders on things such as "Reasonable wait times for trains" and "Adequate room on board at rush hour." Mr. Roberts declares that he will use the results of these reports to improve each of the subway lines. This particular time period is for our sad old friend, the G train.

Anyone who has been on the G train knows that it's pretty much the biggest piece of shit subway in the universe. The level of shittiness of other trains in NYC does not even begin to compare to that of our disgusting aluminum crust factory crested with a putrid green seal. Let's just say if the 6 train is a twix bar, the L train is a pack of raisonettes and the G train is a stale old pretzel you found in the back corner of your pantry.

When looking at the results from some of the other trains surveys, I found that the average NYC Subway line grade is a C-. Which is to say, less than satisfactory. I can only imagine what the results will be for the G train. I would like nothing more than to see the look on Howard H. Roberts' face when he complies all the data. I mean, I know he's not actually going to fix anything, but just the look on his face... knowing that there would be that look of disgust and embarrassment- is enough for me. So if you ride the G, please join me in filling out this glorious report. It's pretty fun actually... like in college at the end of the semester when you got to grade your asshole professors. Grade on riders!

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