Thursday, December 4, 2008

2008 "Must Have" Holiday Gift Guide

After the popularity of my "Must Have" 2007 Gift Guide, I figured I should probably make one for 2008.

If you are struggling with what to buy your loved ones for x-mas, Hanukkah or Festivus, never fear! Floating Robot is here. Here's what you should get for all the extra special peeps in your life:

For Your Girlfriend:
Make your holiday romantic with this stunning bird locket from Etsy's chainchainchained!
If you are the boyfriend purchasing this necklace for your lucky lady friend, you should put a picture of yourself in one side and a picture of her favorite food in the other side. My locket would be filled with Galen and sushi, respectively.

For Your Boyfriend:
Nothin' says lovin' like neckwarmers from the oven. Or from Etsy's Urbanknit:

This delightful cowl will help keep your man's neck nice and toasty when you're not busy sucking on it.

And Also A Neckwarmer for You:
Why let your boyfriend be the only one with a warm neck? I've been eying this cowl by yarnovermovement for myselfbut I'll have to wait since her Etsy shop is out of commission until later this month.

For Moms:
There's no better way to suggest "Bake me a cherry pie, bitch!" than to give your mother this charming apron by snappyshop:

For Your BFF:
Don't you want your best gal (or guy) pal to look super awesome when you hit up the clubs? I mean, you can't be seen with some total lame-wad who doesn't know how to accessorize. That's why you should get your favorite friend this amazing bubble gum necklace by Elizaveta:

For the Nature Enthusiast:
Adopt a Koala! They're sick as shit and they need your help! Wouldn't all your forest loving friends like to lend a hand to a lil' guy like this?Don't you want him to go back to his home in the wild? Now for just $26 a year, you can adopt a sick koala for your environmentally ecstatic buddies. Adopters will receive a photograph of their under-the-weather koala friend, the story of how it ended up in the hospital, and... STICKERS! (My favorite part of course.)

Happy shopping!

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Urbanknit said...

Thanks for featuring my cowl Floating Robot (cool name by the way!)