Monday, December 10, 2007

MUST HAVE- Holiday Edition

Well folks, it's time for the holiday edition of "MUST HAVE." Not sure what to get that random co-worker for the Secret Santa gift bag? Trying to find your boyfriend or girlfriend a gift they'll cherish FOREVER? Don't worry, I've put my consumer-whoreism to work so you don't have to. In honor of Hanukkah, here are 8 awesome handmade items from Etsy that would make great gifts, in my humble opinion.
Crochet Frowny Toasted Marshmallow on a Stick

This sad little fellow is about to get roasted on an open fire! Make him your friend for a mere $5.00

TWENTY EIGHT DAYS - birth control pillow

This one's a little pricey but well worth the extra dollars. It's not only a delightful conversation piece, but also a reminder for you or your lover to stop makin' babies and pop that pill. Available for $200.00


Disposable tin food containers recrafted in fine porcelain, these lovely trays can hold your fried chicken, tater tots and mashed pots. $60.00 each.

Tooth Fairy shadow puppet

Play with the shadow of the elusive tooth fairy all day and night with this bad-ass shadow puppet. Perfect for sneaking up on your friends who are tripping on hallucinogenics. Yours for just $10.50.

HAMBONE retro kodak hawkeye camera assemblage robot

It's a camera! It's a robot! It's art! Enough said. $88.00.


CHARMS INCLUDE: (from left to right)Lantern, Skull, 7UP Can, Parrot, Three-Eyed Monster (yes his third eye opens & closes), Six Shooter Gun, Kitty Phone, Skull, Beer Mug, 10 hearts, & 10 Acrylic birds! This is an accessory worthy of the red carpet, for sure. $45.99

glow-in-the-dark magnets - Gluehmonster

Haven't you always wanted a glow in the dark monster? Now you can have one that keeps your A+ report card stuck to the fridge. This cute monster family is made of clay and can be yours for $15.00

Brief Jerky

If you really want to spice things up with your lover this holiday season, you should probably invest in a pair of these beef jerkey undies. Sexy, savory, and bedazzled, these underwear are custom-made to fit your size! A steal for $139.00

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