Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Digital Polaroids!

My friend and blogger extraordinaire Lina wrote about an awesome new Polaroid application and I just had to check it out.

After you download the application, a little Polaroid camera appears on your screen. You can drag any picture you want onto the camera, and it turns it into an old-style, awesome looking digital Polaroid! As you can see, I got pretty obsessed with this new application last night. Also, sorry PC users, but for now you can only use this application on a Mac. There are different settings you can play around with which can make lines or thumb prints on the pics. Soooo fun.

Anyways, check out my favorite Polaroids!

Karley and David at the Belmont Stakes!

KC and Kurtis from Halloween!

Me, Walter, Galen and Devon Mario Karting it up on Halloween!


Devon said...

Wow! I'm back in 1980-something in so many ways!

Karley Meabrod said...