Sunday, October 18, 2009

Auntie Mame

Back by popular demand... the one and only Floating Robot Blog!

Yesterday, I got a new roommate. Her name is Auntie Mame. She's a dress. Say hello!

Auntie Mame came just in time (with the help of Galen's mom Alison - thank you!) for the fanciest occasion I will probably ever attend. Tomorrow night, Versace (my client) is throwing a gala and studio party at the Whitney and I get to go. I'll be chilling on the red carpet, mingling with celebs and sipping martinis. Ok, not really - I'll be live tweeting and assisting with a live stream of the red carpet that you can watch live on the "Red Carpet" tab of Versace's Facebook page. Good times.

The bottom line is, you can't show up to a Versace event looking like a schlub, and most of my clothes are pretty schlubby. All of them except for Auntie Mame that is.

I was shopping with Alison yesterday when I saw her. She was glistened in the neon department store light as she hung on the wall, high above the other dresses. She looks a little ridiculous and over-the-top in an old lady-ish sort of way on the hanger, which is why Alison named her Auntie Mame.

But of course we all know that I'm an old lady at heart, and so it was love at first sight. I knew once I tried her on, she wouldn't look frumpy. (She's French Connection after all.) It's a match made in heaven! Weeee! Here's a blurry iphone preview:

I'm totally not gonna look like a clown on the red carpet. I'll probably look even better than Mischa Barton, assuming she continues to dress like a bag lady.


Sarah said...

(In Borat voice:) WAWAWEEWAH!
Gorgeous, Lesley!! Based on that iphone photo, you look like a movie star!

Perry said...

loo-king-good, lady! when you get to the red carpet, tell 'em auntie mame sent you. and, holy shit, what happened to mischa barton?