Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Versace Baby

Lilo, Nigel and Shakira, oh my! Last night's Versace event at the Whitney museum was the place to be, and I was thrilled to be able to experience it first hand. And now you can experience it second hand through shitty iphone photos! Hold on to your hats folks.

All the celebs were dressed to impress, and luckily for me, sequins were in. At least according to Shakira and Amanda Hearst.

We invited Tom and Lorenzo of Project Rungay to cover the party, and they were such sweet guys! Of course, they totally approved of my dress.We quietly gawked on the sidelines as Lindsay Lohan and Donatella expressed their undying affection for each other. We also had moment to chat about our favorite Project Runway contestants and they agreed with me that Irina is one of the best of the bunch.

The highlight of my evening was catching a glimpse of my childhood hero, Candice Bergen. I wanted to grab her hand and tell her that Murphy Brown helped shape me into the independent woman I am today. And I considered telling her that I read her autobiography as if it was the bible in elementary school, and that I had an entire scrapbook dedicated to magazine clippings of her. But alas, she was whisked away in a matter of seconds.

Another notable celeb was the noted fashion photographer himself, Nigel Barker. Of course he was smiling with his eyes. Would you expect anything less?

And last but not least, the delightful Ally Hilfiger graced us with her presence. She wore pigtails and looked just as crazytown as she did on Rich Girls. I kept expecting her to have another meltdown and complain about how she misses her childhood...

But she managed to keep it together. All in all, my work pals and I had a fabulous night.

Oh and BTW, Mischa Barton didn't look like a bag lady, but she did get a little touchy feely with herself.
pppppsssssssssss. I'm totally FAMOUS!


k. said...

of all that glamour, im most excited that you got to see murphy brown live and in person!

Sharon said...

I am dying that you saw Shakira, I idolize her. You looked adorable, yay for sparkly dresses :)