Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rescue Dogs and Rad Clothes: 2 Blogs of Note

Everyone has a dang blog these days, but which ones are worth your time? I'll tell you which ones dodo head! The ones with cute puppies and neat clothes. Here are two brand new blogs by two old friends that you should read.

No Lost Witches

My pal Christina is a pretty swell gal, and one of the most fashionable people I know. It totally makes sense that she started making clothes and bags so us normal folks can enjoy some of her exceptional styling. Look at these goodies:I told you she was good. Read her blog to see more awesome shit she makes and read about all the cool bands she likes that you've never heard of. You will feel enriched afterwords, I promise.

Foster Dogs in NYC
Sarah Oren is a lovely lady and a helper of people and animals. She is also my friend. We create a nice balance because I am a nasty lady who hates babies and old people. It's a good thing Miss Oren is around to spread her sparkly cheer and save the world. She just started a blog to help foster dogs in NYC find good homes. She volunteers at Animal Care & Control, and writes all about the cute pups she's helping. Just look at these Doogie Howsers:
If you want to something good but the majority of the human population disgusts you, please adopt a dog. Sarah Oren will help you.

Update your RSS feeds yo.


no lost witches said...

thanks Lesley! you are da bomb. once my entire line is up and running on etsy you can pick an item of your choosing on the house, from me!

Sarah said...

awesome post!! everyone should foster or adopt!! lesley and galen did it, shouldn't you jump on the bandwagon too?