Sunday, July 19, 2009

Versace Material

A couple weeks ago, my company had a very important meeting with Versace. We were meeting with them about creating their Facebook, Twitter and blog accounts and I was invited to go to their office to discuss specifics. While I've always been into fashion, I've always sort of marched to the beat of my own drum. I was very intimidated by the idea of dressing up for a Versace business meeting. What does one wear to a semi-formal meeting at a high end fashion company?

I didn't want to wear slacks and a button down shirt because I would've looked like a tool. I have some cute dresses but they're more suited for a summer music festival than a professional meeting. I decided to enlist the help of my favorite local store: Dalaga. The ladies there are super nice, and I knew they'd help me find something that I wouldn't embarrass myself in.

They came through and helped me selected an awesome dress from Ark & Co. After getting the dress I went to my favorite thrift store, Beacon's Closet, and found an awesome Diane von Furstenberg blazer. I went in to my meeting looking pretty ok.
Of course, my foot is still fucked up so I had to wear flat shoes so as not to further damage my fractured bone. The outfit would have been so much better with cute shoes but alas, it just wasn't an option. After the work day, I strutted around town in my exciting new outfit. Some kid in his late teens or early 20's started cat-calling me as I walked down the street. "Hey baby you look hot! Want to go out with me tonight?" he hollered. I just scowled at him, thinking he was lucky that I didn't snap his scrawny little neck on the spot. As I gimped away he yelled, "I like your outfit but your shoes are fucking ugly!"

Thanks kid, that's just what I needed. Ah well, at least we won the Versace account.


Sarah said...

Welcome back, Les! We missed u here in the blogosphere.
Lovely outfit, and congrats on Versace!!!

Movie Maven said...

Dalaga is the best! (Even if I'm still not entirely sure how to pronounce it.) That dress is adorable!