Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rose Nylund Must Wait

I was faced with one of the hardest decisions of my life last week. I was forced to choose between getting this...

or this:(Rose Nyland necklace by AnomolyJewelry - $140)

Sadly, I had to go with the iPhone. The buttons were literally falling off of my other phone, and I concluded it was more important to get in touch with people than to be ultra-stylish. Although I sort of regret this decision, I'll admit I'm getting into this whole app thing. Totes digging Shake It Photo and Buamai so far.

Some day, the Rose Nylund necklace will be mine. Oh yes, and I fully intend to purchase necklaces of the rest of the girls too. There's even one of Stan!
People often ask me why I connect with Rose Nylund more than any other gg... the answer is pretty simple. I'm dim-witted, lovable, and love to tell stories about St. Olaf. Plus, Betty White is the shit. Did you see her playing beer pong with Jimmy Fallon? I didn't realize it was possible for her coolness factor to increase any more, but it just broke the charts.

Side note - the Jimmy Fallon Show is turning out to be pretty great! I was not fond of him on SNL, and when he started making movies with Queen Latifah, I discredited him as a human being altogether. But! Having Zach Morris and Betty White on your show in the same week? He's a man after my own heart.

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itsbritneybitch said...

As your friend, I usually try to support you but you have made 2 terrible decisions here. Although I somewhat understand you choosing the iphone over the Rose pendant, it is still arguable. Giving Jimmy Fallon a compliment however is unforgivable!