Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Did you make it out the the Renegade Craft Fair last weekend? I arrived in style with my boot and a wad of $20s in my wallet, ready to buy out the entire fair. When I showed up at the entrance to McCarren park, I was instantly overwhelmed by the amount of booths spread across two fields. I had a moment of malfunction. Entering one's favorite park when it has become riddled with delectable crafts can be a tricky situation... you want to conquer each booth the way Short Circuit's Johnny 5 reads books...

But the boot slowed me down a bit so I had to be selective about the booths I visited. My friend KC helped me divide and conquer, although we frequently got sidetracked by cuddling with stuffed animals.
One thing we noticed was the over-abundance of mustaches this year. As KC pointed out, mustaches are the new owl.My most prized purchase of the afternoon was my ring (which I had previously owned and broken) from Erica Weiner. Her booth was, hands down, the best one at the fair. Her jewelry is pretty much the best so if you haven't checked it out yet, do eeet!

Other exciting purchased I made include a notebook with a picture of a bread loaf on it and a print of a unicorn/narwhal venn diagram by Argyle Whale. You can see it in the middle below, pictured along with two of my other favorite prints. (The print on the left is my most recent Etsy purchase. Damn you Brandi Strickland! Your art is TOO COOL. The print on the right is by Berkley Illustration - a purchase from last year's Renegade Craft Fair)All in all it was a good afternoon, and once again my pocket book is a little lighter.

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K.C. said...

Divide and conquer indeed. I think our strategy of Must See Everything may have helped.