Saturday, March 28, 2009

Old Timey Fashion

Lately I've been really into pretending I live in the 1920's. I've been using old pics of my grandma's family for inspiration:You can see from her notation on the bottom that this was taken in 1924. (I guess shitty handwriting runs in the family!) Anyway, every person in this picture is wearing an awesome outfit, including the very small person in the front who may have been a midget.

Here's another picture from my grandma's collection of her and her friends at the beach (she's the one at the top.)

These old-timey swimsuits are so rad. I'm totally wearing a sailor suit to the beach this summer. Also, I like that little twat grinning in the background.

It's not quite beach weather yet (waaaaaah) but it was really warm yesterday so I decided to whip up this little number:

Dress by Kensie
Cardigan from Anthropologie
Vintage Locket from Mrs. Gibson's Etsy
Vintage Belt from Old Hollywood
Headband from Urban Outfitters
Shoes by Steve Madden
Tights from Mini Market

In the above pic, the tights look like gross nude nylons. This is not the case - THEY RULE. Here's closer look:
I like them so much because they make my legs look diseased. Mmmmm.... measles.

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ambika said...

It's so rare that I see pics that old where they're actually kept by the family. Too cool that they've stayed with the family.