Friday, March 27, 2009


Oh hello. Here's something amazing to start out your Friday night:

Soooo excited! Dude, I have been waiting for this movie since 2005 when I first heard it was in pre-production. I actually used to know one of the producers, this lady named Lucy Barzun. When I saw she was attached to the project, I thought, "Shit! I gotta call her up and beg to work on the film in any capacity!" You see, I'm pretty obsessed with the Edies and I really wanted to hang out with their reincarnations, even if one of them was being played by Drew Barrymore.

So I called up Lucy and asked if I could work on the film as her assistant. After rescheduling the meeting like 8 times, she finally told me to meet her one summer afternoon at Le Pain Quotidian. Unfortunately, I had acquired a nasty stomach virus the night before and I couldn't stop puking. So ya know, I did what any staunch GG fan would do. I WENT TO THE INTERVIEW ANYWAY. Ooops.

Things seemed to be going pretty well until we started talking about potential day-to-day activities and my eyes started rolling back in my head. Before I knew it, I had started to throw up in my mouth. I had to run to the bathroom in the middle of her sentence so I could avoid blowing chunks on Lucy's brunch. After that whole debacle, she seemed pretty disgusted with me, and proceeded to send me on my "merry" way without so much as a handshake. I can't say I blame her.

I've always wondered when the film would be released and I've been following its incredibly slow-moving production status on IMDb for the past 4 years. So now it's finally coming out, although it won't be in the theaters. That's sort of a shame since I know Little Edie would have wanted this on the big screen, but I'll take what I can get.
The film premieres on HBO on April 18th @ 8PM, and you can be sure I'll be watching it wearing stockings over my pants and my skirt as a cape.


absolutely not said...

oh girl! i totally know how those moments feel. i almost got fired on the first day of a job FOR THE SAME REASON.
i am excited and apprehensive about this movie all at once. i'm excited about how they portray how they actually interacted with the miesels (i know i spelled that totally incorrectly. i not drunk yet. i just killed the part of my brain that housed film relevant information).
i feel like i might live blog the premiere.

absolutely not said...

also! is that jeanne tripplehorn playing jackie o? if so SHUT UP!

Lesley Robin said...

TOTALLY down to live blog GG!