Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Away We Go

I am excited to be working on another good film, even if it doesn't feature Gael Garcia Bernal.
Here's the new trailer for Away We Go:

I'm a wee bit concerned that the movie will come out too Juno-ish. I hope there are super-quirky burger phones involved here. I did read the script and I thought it was great, which is not a shock since it was penned by Dave Eggers. It will be rad to see Sam Mendes direct such a great comedic cast, including Maya Rudolph, Catherine O'Hara and... JOHN KRASINSKI.
Even as a beardo, JK is lookin' mighty fine. Oh man Focus, you just keep throwing all these hot dudes at me. Keep 'em coming plz.


Sarah said...

Ok, just a reminder- Gael Garcia Bernal is your boy toy, and John Krasinski is all mine! :)

And yes, trailer looks WONDER-ROUS (people will get that reference eventually)!

Lesley Robin said...

yes, yes... you can have JK as long as I get GGB. he is a special treasure - use him wisely.

absolutely not said...

as much as i am looking forward to John Krasinski's beard? i am also really looking forward to allison janney. seriously. she has got to be my all time fav. i want to get a beer with her in the summer and just listen to her LAUGH...