Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dreams DO Come True

I just wet myself. Do you wanna know why? Ok, you probably already know. Check SpellingThe Real Housewives of NJ! Yeppers, you read right. May 12 bitches... set your DVR. One of them is supposedly the first "American Express Black card" member in New Jersey. That fact alone makes the show worth watching. I also find it somewhat close to my heart since my great grandmother was supposedly the first woman driver in New Jersey. So you might even say that this show runs through my blood.

Another fun fact? Two of the housewives are sisters and they are married to two brothers, and the brother's other brother is married to another housewife. Confused yet? It sort of sounds like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, except we can expect a lot more gold hoop earrings, orange skin and mind-numbing accents. Hooray!


absolutely not said...

seriously. i am trying to think of a better real housewives than this but its really hard. real housewives of moscow, perhaps? with english subtitles? i mean MAYBE, right?

Anonymous said...

Edith would be so pleased!