Thursday, February 19, 2009


I have tried as hard as possible not to spend a bajillion dollars on Etsy lately. I got my tax refund already and I must say, it's been nice not living off of Ramen noodles, the stale pumpkin pie that has been in my fridge for 2 months and tap water. Ok, that's gross - I don't drink tap water.

Anyhoo, aside from my extreme desire to rush to Murray's and spend approximately $735 on cheese, I really want to blow some of my hard earned, unexpected cash on crafty and vintage items. And everything has been so dull and gray in NYC this winter... here is my colorful shopping-spree fantasy.

First I would keep my neck warm with this fabulous neon wrap made by Joodito. At $80, it's a bit out of my price range... but remember, this is a fantasy.

And to match my scarf, I would get a little neon pet phoenix. I would name him Van Buren, after the trashiest street in Phoenix that's riddled hookers and drug addicts. Because you know, he would be tough and shit. A phoenix from the block if you will. Behold Van Buren:
eeeeee! Isn't he the cutest? This little guy is made of paper mache and is made by Mumbreeze.

Van Buren and I would go strolling around town and I would wear this wrap dress from Grey Gardens Vintage (awesome name btw.)
And finally I would decorate my apartment (which in my dream fantasy is warmer than its usual 55 degrees) with this picture from The Cellophane's Shop.
I think I am so in love with this print because it looks like a treasure map drawn by a pirate on acid.

Anyway, maybe I'll splurge on one of these items... but which one? I wouldn't want to hurt any of the other items feelings.

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lauren said...

can i buy this print if you don't!? i am going to have a new apt in 5 days!!!!!!!!