Thursday, February 19, 2009

Birthday Din Din etc.

Happy late birthday to me!

Isn't this banner the cutest? It's from Nice's etsy shop, which I've been eying for the last couple weeks. I feel like that picture was fitting for what was a very happy 3-day celebration.

First I had a birthday bash at Ace Bar in Alphabet City. So many people came out and we had a great time. Everyone bought me Jager shots and I got pretty drunk, but apparently not too drunk to successfully complete a magic trick!
Not sure how or why.

Then I had a very romantic Valentine's Day. Galen made me a nice card and took me out to dinner at a Fondue Restaurant in NJ called The Magic Pot. The food was fucking delicious and it's a must if you're even in Edgewater. I got all gussied up thinking the place was going to be really fancy, but upon our arrival, I spotted a guy wearing what appeared to be a baseball shirt. Upon closer look, I noticed it said "Booger 69" Very charming.

The next day was my actual birthday and Galen took me to a very special place. Harold, the winner of Top Chef season 1, has a lovely restaurant in the West Village called Perilla. Oh my gawd. The food was TO DIE FOR! We started out with a scallop appetizer and I assure you that shit was even better than Jamie's scallops. For my main course, I had the special - bass with potato foam, parsnips and a veal reduction. Ho-lee-shit. Best thing I ever ate. The skin was so crispy and delicious. I normally hate fish skin but Harold managed to convert me. That picture is not of my actual dish but it's from the Perilla website. Doesn't it make your mouth water?

After a few cocktails and a cheese dessert plate complete with birthday candle (I freakin' love cheese. so sue me) I stumbled over to the bar where Harold was sitting. He was enjoying a post-work drink and I didn't want to bother him but let's be real. Could I really let the chef of my dreams slip through my fingers without a sloppy introduction?

It was hard to work up the courage and find the right words. What do you say to one of your favorite reality TV show heroes when meeting face to face?The interaction went a little something like this:
Me- Uh... Ha-Harold? Hi my name is Lesley and it's my birthday today.
Harold- Oh cool. Happy birthday
Me- (blushing) thanks! I just had the best meal of my life. It was really fucking good.
Harold- I'm glad you liked it, where did you come out from?
Me- Brooklyn. Greenpoint, Brooklyn.
Harold- Oh, I'm sorry.
Me- Yeah. OkIloveyou. Byebye now.

And so my birthday was complete. And yes ladies, Harold is majorly hot.

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absolutely not said...

a. happy (belated) birthday
b. i am so jealous of the fact that you not only met harold but spoke to him and didnt vomit on him, try to stroke his head or lick the side of his face. If i had been there anyd there were even an ounce of booze in me i would have done ALL of that and then attempted to give him an awkward (uninvited) lap dance. cops would have escorted me out.
you are clearly a woman of poise and grace.