Thursday, January 15, 2009

Subway Fashion: Mythical Creature Edition

It's been a great week for subway fashion. In these sub-arctic temperatures, all the special characters are coming out of the woodwork. On Sunday when transferring from the L to the 1 @ 14th street, I spotted this interesting specimen:Check out that amazing weave. You can hardly tell it's fake! I'm not sure if this was a man or woman, but he/she had a striking resemblance to Ian McKellen in Lord of the Rings.Also, would you believe who I spotted on the L yesterday morning?
I'm pretty sure it was Hamburglar. Notice how the guy with the A's beanie is giving me a dirty look for taking this picture. I wanted to tell him to take the stick out of his ass because if he saw his favorite McDonalds character riding the subway, he'd probably take a picture too.

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