Friday, January 16, 2009

NY Reality Recap

I know this is a little late but I want to do a quick recap of Wednesday's Top Chef New York and The Real World: Brooklyn. Better late than never!

Top Chef
On episode 8 of Top Chef, the episode started out with a pretty cool quickfire challenge. They had to make a nice meal in 15 minutes out of ingredients found in an everyday pantry. This is the kind of shit I do every day! Nacho cheese, beans, chips and chipotle powder made some sweet nachos. Ramen fried up with corn & peppers = fine dining in my home! Too bad most of these clowns opened up cans of artichoke hearts and spam, dumped them on some bread and called it a day. Although Jeff's creation looked pretty neat.
Then the contestants had to go to a farm to gather fresh ingredients to use for their menus. I was pretty appalled to see the teams picking out cute live animals that would later be slaughtered and cooked up. Probably the saddest was the cute lambs. How insane was that shot of the dead lamb? In the end, Ariane got kicked off for not honoring her protein- she butchered and tied the poor thing up all wrong. Seeing her hacking up the little lamb kind of reminded me of this: It seemed a little unfair that the cougar had to pack her knives and go, but I guess I don't really give a shit about her, or any of the contestants for that matter.

The Real World
Didn't you think it was a little weird when Katlynn the transgendered girl told her story to Sarah while she was doing her hair? And Sarah was all, "Oh yeah that's cool. Isn't the weather nice outside?" I'm pretty sure if someone told me, "You know, I went to Thailand and had my wiener turned into a vagina" I would be like "Holy fuckballs!" But I guess some people like Sarah just aren't phased by that sort of thing.

Also, can we discuss the fact that Chet is gayer than a tea party on a May afternoon? He was mesmerized my J.D.'s magnum condoms and inquired about the size of his penis. Then he put on eyeliner and a glittery scarf and went to a gay bar. For the love of god- I really hope he is able to discover his inner gayness this season.

Lastly, I've concluded that J.D. looks the cutest when he's drunk, angry and in need of chapstick

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