Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Real Assholes of Drunk County

I normally don't watch The Real Housewives of Orange County, but since I've been taking a little break from my Tues. night writing workshop, I've had the chance to check it out the past few weeks. Last night's episode was nothing short of a train wreck. This episode was painful in the same way being in 7th grade is painful.

It was pretty much a snooze fest until the end when Tamra decided to have a dinner party and invited all the ladies. She and Vicki conspired to get Gretchen, the new "hot" housewife not just drunk, but "naked drunk." They succeed quickly by feeding her an overwhelming amount of tequila shots.You see, last season Tamra was considered to be the "hot" one. And previously, not having a wrinkly crazyfaceor sun-spotted and shrivelling fake taataaswas enough to constitute as being hot vixen in the house who somehow ended up on The Real Housewives of I suppose. But now that there is a 30 year old blondeOC rather than The Girls Next Door, Tamra's got her panties in a bunch. Not only is she jealous of Gretchen for being attractive, but she also disapproves of Gretchen's engagement to some mega-rich, old dude who is currently in the hospital dying of cancer. Tamra will stop at nothing to make it be known that she is the best and sexiest housewife that ever lived.
After she gets Gretchen extremely drunk, Tamra takes it to the next level- insisting that her 22 year old son force Gretchen to take even more shots. At this point, Gretchen is so beyond wasted that it's clear she's running on auto-pilot. She occasionally blurts out bubbly sentence fragments and tries to insist that she's not drunk while she slurs and stumbles around. Sometimes it's fun to watch someone in this state, but it was clear that Gretchen was being taken advantage of and was not among friends. Sure, some of the ladies kept trying to take her shots away and replace them with water, but Tamra persisted with encouraging Gretchen to down more and more booze. At one point, Tamra stated that her goal was to "bring out Grethcen's dark side." She clearly just wanted Gretchen to make a fool of herself and cheat on her terminally ill fiance, while playing a wing-man to her own son. (Gah!!)We don't get to find out until the next episode if they boned, but I think somebody's dark side was already revealed. And it wasn't Gretchen's....

EDIT: I was informed that Gretchen's husband Jeff actually died a few months ago which is like, totally sad. But at least he didn't have to deal with watching this episode.

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