Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Miami, You've Got Style

Sorry, I've been away for a little bit. I had to go down to Florida and warm up from the ridiculous arctic chill of NYC. As the Golden Girls know, Miami's got style.

Speaking of style, check out this South Beach street fashion I captured:This bozo was strutting her stuff on Lincoln Ave. showing off fashion tips she learned from Project Runway's Blayne . Yes, we all know I love bozos.

There were also lots o' animals prancing around the town. Here's some Polaroids I took of some Floridian critters. They look nice in the pictures but they were all scheming to get food out of me.This guy was all like, "Do you like rabies? Now gimme that sam'ich."
And this bird was all "I may look cute but I will fucking destroy you with this beak if you don't gimme some bread."
I was feeding some stale Pops to this here goose and she was like, "ME WANT MORE CEREAL!"

Besides hungry animals, Miami's also got a very sexxxy water tower.
Hopefully someday soon I will return to the land of warm beaches and sunshine to fly my kite again.Until then, I'll be freezing my ass off in my 55 degree Brooklyn apartment.


Karley Meabrod said...

Holy Shit your photos are awesome! More please?

Lesley Robin said...

Thanks! You can see more on flickr here: