Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Heart My Hurley

Last night's Lost season premiere was so highly anticipated by my household that we've been wearing Dharma Initiative jumpsuits. Ok maybe not, but it had been so damn long since we bid farewell to the Oceanic 6 and I needed my Jack fix. I even missed Ben's crazy eyes!

The best thing about last night's episode(s) was Hurley's "I Love My Shih Tzu" shirt. Let's face it- Hurley is at the height of fashion.
I want to give him a call to see if he'd like to be my stylist. And my boyfriend/sugar daddy (sorry Galen.) You see, in addition to our love of fashion, Hurley and I share something else that's very special. We both fucking love Hot Pockets.
Mmmm.... just look at that mouthwatering morsel. I bet it's four cheese pizza flavor. I think someone just found a new shirt!
Not only are hot pockets delicious but they're also Hurley's weapon of choice. Just look how Ben is shaking in his boots when that steaming snack comes flying towards his dome.
Hurley is my knight in shining (savory) armor. Too bad his fat ass had to get arrested. It should be interesting watching Jack and crew scheme to break Hurley out of the slammer. It should only take all season.

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