Friday, November 21, 2008

My Email is Getting Critical of My Weight

I work in the online media industry and I understand the importance of specially targeted ads... but the ad that appeared when I was checking my email this morning was pretty offensive.

I am a big fan of Tracie Egan who writes for Jezebel and has her own fabulous blog called One D At A Time. I recently read this post in which she describes her horror of receiving "Broken Engagement" ads on her gmail account when she was having an email fight with her fiance. "Wow, I'm glad I don't have a gmail account!" I thought to myself.

Much to my dismay, Yahoo has become equally as ridiculous. I was writing some emails this morning about some cookies a co-worker and I baked for our fellow employee Rachel. It's Rachel's birthday today and so we made her giant chocolate chip cookies in her initials:
Because these cookies are obviously totally awesome, I wrote a couple emails about them using my Yahoo account. I was saddened by this mean spirited 728x90 ad unit which made its way above my email a few hours ago:Um, srsly Yahoo!? I am 27, you got that right. But now you're suggesting that I'm overweight? And you want to make me feel even more secure about my cookie loving body by showing me a picture of some impossibly thin alien girl?

I mean really, let's take a closer look:
Am I supposed to believe that this person is real? And worse, that this is what I am supposed to like like? Just because I send emails about cookies doesn't necessarily mean that I'm a fatty who is striving to have a waist as thin as my arm. But thanks for thinking of me!

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Anonymous said...

FANCY Cookies, Madame!!