Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Internet Circa 1996- Part 1

So I have stumbled upon some lovely internet gems recently and I just have to share. This post will be the first of a three part series honoring the ancient internet. Remember the days of midi music, web rings and website awards?

This page, Desert Rose's Oasis, is like a museum of this old stuff, and you really have to check it out. I'll give you a taste of what this site has to offer:

There's a memorial flower garden honoring all of Moonchild's (the site's creator) dead pets, including Caesar the dog, her many dead fish, and deceased canaries.

There's also a page about the truly magical wedding of Moonchild (whose real name is Sabine) and Venki! Congrats lovers!

But perhaps the best page on this site is the one featuring Moonchild's My Little Pony collection. She boasts:

Here you can see my "My Little Pony" Collection :-)
It's still quite small compared to others, I have 85 ponies altogether at the moment,
but I'm still proud of it! :-)

I also have some ponies in my collection which are quite rare,
like Baby Hopscotch! :-)

Baby Hopscotch, clearly the most beloved pony of the bunch, is always by Moonchild's side. To help you further understand how special Baby Hopscotch is, here is a picture and caption from the page:

Me with the star of my collection, Baby Hopscotch! :-) (Ahem... I had just woken up from a nap... :-)

Rise and shine, Moonchild! And just so you know how renowned Desert Rose's Garden is, they have a decadent award room which is jam-packed with wonderful prizes such as Vanilla Heart's Free Spirit Award:
I have spent most of the day reveling in the awesomeness of this site. I suggest you do the same.

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Andy Morrish said...

I think it's also important to point out that Desert Oasis is a "Wolf Friendly Website".