Monday, July 21, 2008

The Internet Circa 1996- Part 2

I continue to find so many wonderfully crusty internet gems. Here is an awesome awards page from Paper Rad. It's done up to look like a page straight out of the 90's.

Here is a screenshot that captures some of the beauty:

In case you have trouble reading the text on the page, it says:
"You have put together a beautiful site that is rich in content and very useful. You have a clean navigation which follows from page to page. Excellent job! Beautiful web site and very well done! I love entrance, all is clear and organized! Love the animals too! Congratulations, you won the Best Design Award!!"
Paper Rad is an art collective that makes cool videos, zines, paintings and other multi-media things. I first saw their work (and this site) at the New Museum in NYC. I can say with confidence that their stuff is totally rad.

Also, do you remember pogs? If not, Mike's Digital Pogs Page may spark your memory. Here are some of my favorite pogs from his collection.

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