Friday, February 8, 2008

Project Runway- Wrestle Mania!

I'll make this brief because I'm anxious to blog about the Project Runway Bryant Park show that just happened this morning! Yes- it's the end of fashion week and some of our favorite contestants showed us their best on the runway today. But we'll get to that soon.

First, I must give my congrats to Chris, who finally raked in a much-deserving win!!! But honestly, this challenge was right up his alley. If he wasn't going to win the wrestling costume challenge, I'm not sure he would belong on the show. Of course he pulled through with a stunning animal print number. And by stunning- I mean shiteous... but weren’t all the costumes this episode pretty shiteous? I think this was sort of a competition to see who would be the most ridiculous, and folks- Chris is the Queen of Ridiculousville. How awesome was it when he and his wrestler girl talked about their passion for leopard print?

It was love at first sight obviously.

Another great thing about this episode was that we finally got to bid farewell to Ricky, our little melancholy Fievel. The bathing suit he made was stupid, but his dumb face is more stupid, and I’m glad I never have to see it again. At least he didn't cry during his departure.

Finally, I think it's important to mention how awesome Jillian's outfit was. If I was a professional wrestler (I do some amature wrestling at parties and I actually kick ass) I would totally wear the shiny blue number she designed. I think it was my favorite... probably because it looked so much like Sailor Moon.
I can honestly say that I'm really pleased with all of the remaining designers except for Rami. His draping is a bit much for me. And it will be nice to see how they show off in the Bryant Park fashion show!

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