Friday, February 8, 2008

Project Runway- Bryant Park Fashion Show (SPOILER ALERT...sort of)

Okie dokie then. This was a big morning for the world of fashion. Not 3, not 4, but 5 of our favorite Project Runway contestants showed their collections at the Bryant Park Fashion show as part of New York's fashion week. Basically, nothing was revealed about who the finalists are. It is possible that two of the contestants are just foils to avoid giving away the final three... Bravo used Kara Janx as a foil in the finale show for season 2. Anyway, the pictures are posted all over the internet and I have read a couple of "live blogs" documenting the play-by-play action. I don't want to give everything away because I know people don't want to know too much before we get to see the last episode. So below, I will provide you with a very brief summary of each designer’s show and a picture of my favorite outfit from each of the shows, in order from worst to best.

Let's start with my favorite leopard, Chris March. I'm sorry to say that I'm not a huge fan of Chris' collection, although this is by no means the popular opinion. He has been praised left and right on the internets this morning, and his collection has been mentioned by some to be the most cohesive. Supposedly he cried when he walked on stage to introduce his show and said:
"I never knew that living my life one day at a time for many days would lead me to this hour, this moment."
Cute! But honestly, his collection was not cute. His outfits were all in deep jewel tones and there was a lot of velvet. Most of the looks seemed like stuff old ladies in Beverly Hills would wear. I would probably never buy any of these outfits for myself. Ever. But mad props to Chris for using Bianca from the last season of America's Next Top Model!
Next we have Sweet P, who managed to pull a very pretty, elegant collection out of her ass. Her garments were way better than anything we've seen her produce on the show. I guess Tim Gunn taught her well. Her collection was very simple which was part of its charm, but it didn't quite seem bold enough for a big show at fashion week. Still, I would wear a lot of the stuff she made, especially this lovely gold dress:

And now on to Rami, who of course managed to drape and drape and drape until he could drape no more. Although I have grown to hate him this season, Rami actually produced a VERY impressive show. It was cohesive and beautiful, and many people including Daniel Vosovic, have called his show one of the best. This golden frock is absolutely stunning:

Jillian's show was totally fabulous, and who could expect less from our little valium-popping bundle of joy. Throughout the show her designs have been some of the best, and her runway looks back up her status as one of the strongest contestants. Her outfits were chic, edgy and sophisticated. She made the kind of stuff I can't really pull off but dream of wearing someday, like this sexy purple dress:

Finally we have Christian, who is so bitchy and annoying but has so much talent that he is somehow tolerable. His collection was mostly blacks and creams, with poofy ruffles and his coture flare. Every outfit in his collection is totally amazing, and I'd buy any of his pieces. Of course, since I'm not 6'2" and 95 lbs. the stuff wouldn't look so hot on me, but a girl can dream right? His collection definitely told a story and was very cohesive. I loved this look:

And who better to guest-judge Christian's collection than Posh? The only memorable Spice Girl called up Bravo and requested to be the guest judge, according to Heidi Klum. We'll just have to wait and see who these bitches proclaim to be the winner. At this point, my money is on Christian, although I'd prefer to see Jillian win.

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