Monday, February 11, 2008

Valentine's Day Guide

I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day with good reason. My birthday is the next day, so I usually get to have a 2-day love fest filled with fabulous gifts and delicious meals. That’s right, it’s all about me, me, me! I have come up with a brief guide for you, dear readers, so that you can make the most of Hallmark’s favorite holiday. Check out my gift ideas, card-making instructions, and bar/restaurant suggestions below.

Best Gift to Get That Special Someone:

Heart & Key Necklace

Remember those 2-piece best friend necklaces from the 90’s? The ones that were two jigsaw puzzle pieces that fit together to make a heart? Yeah, I thought so. I had one w/ my BFF and it was totally sweet. Now you can get a heart and key necklace for you and your lover. A wearable sentiment of true love is a steal at just $17.00



This cute little stuffed animal is the gift that keeps on giving; his heart sends magical rays of love! He is the perfect gift to give to that special girl or guy this V-day, plus he was hand crafted by yours truly. He can be yours for just $34.00. Rush shipping is available.

How to Make an Awesome 3-D V-Day Card:

Why waste $4 on a valentine’s day card when you could make your own and spend the money on a cheap bottle o’ wine at Trader Joe’s? Making this card is like the easiest thing ever, and it’s good because it shows that you care.

You will need:
-3 pieces of paper (two the same size, and hopefully different colors. Gotta spice that shit up yo!)
-A pair of scissors
-Tape or Glue

Step One:

lay out the two equal sized pieces of paper

Step Two:
put the pieces together and fold them in half

Step Three:
take one of the pieces, keep it folded shut, and cut two half-inch slits on the fold, parallel to each other.

Step Four:
Open the paper and fold the part you just cut inside. Now close the paper again. It will look like there is a little square cut out of the paper.

Step Five:
Open the paper again. There should be a little “table” in the middle.

Step Six:
Glue the other folder piece of paper behind the first piece to create the card.

Step Seven:
Using your third piece of paper, cut a little heart out (hopefully you remember how to do this from kindergarten.) Write some sort of romantic message on the heart and glue it on to the table.

And there you have it! A mega-romantic, personalized Valentine’s card in seven easy steps!

Romantic NY Dinner Spot:


I discovered this wonderful restaurant after watching the last season of Top Chef. Camille, the sexy culinary wonder who was sadly kicked off the show after making a mediocre pineapple upside down cake, owns this amazing joint that’s just a few blocks away from my apartment in Greenpoint!

The food at Paloma is beyond fabulous. I usually start with their cod fritter appetizer soothes my appetite until the main course comes. I absolutely love the Parmesan-crusted Tilapia or the Mussels and Fries, and any of the seasonal entrees are a great choice too. Follow that up with a delicious bread pudding or a cocktail made with one of their infused vodkas and you’ve just consumed the best dinner ever. The atmosphere is hip and modern; there are giant, original pop-art paintings hanging on the walls and the booths are cute and cozy. There is a large screen on which old cartoons are projected. I always like a little Betty Boop with my dinner. And be sure to wash your hands before eating because bathroom sink is filled with marbles! So awesome. I will be dining at Paloma this Valentine’s Day. There is going to be a prefix menu (not sure what’ll be on it) that is $60 per person. Maybe I'll see you there.

Best Place for Singles to Wash Away Their Sorrows with Booze

The Zombie Hut

If you plan on wearing all black on Valentine’s Day and hitting the bars with your lady friends in New York, might I recommend the Zombie Hut? Just off the Carroll Street F stop in Brooklyn, this bar is definitely my favorite in NYC. You and the rest of your gals can forget about those dudes who left you in the dust when you’re sipping a giant frozen rum beverage (fishbowl sized with 4 straws.) They even light the middle on fire, and you can pretend the plastic mermaid swizzle stick is the guy who dumped you last week, as you burn it alive in the flame. Ok- maybe you should refrain from pyrotechnics. There are other things at the Zombie hut to occupy your time- like Scrabble! Or Battle Ship! All of your favorite childhood games are waiting for you on the shelf next to the bar. Who needs romance when you’ve got Connect Four?

Me, Galen and Rob enjoying a frozen drink at the Zombie hut. Please note the heated game of Battle Ship on the table.

The Blue Hawaiian is a delicious cocktail option.

Finish the evening with the Flaming Tiki shot. The bartender lights them on fire and you get to roast marshmellows over them!


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