Thursday, January 17, 2008

Project Runway: Victory for Team Fierce Fattypants!

There are so many things to discuss from last night’s Project Runway. I’d like to start out on a positive note, by saying that I’m very pleased with the win by Team Fierce Fatty Pants! Hooray! I was a little disgruntled that only Christian was credited with the win because we all know whose over-the-top style was present in this outfit: My favorite lil’ leopard.

When I was bitching about this to a friend, he reminded me that without the guidance of Christian, Chris would have made this look too ridiculous and costume-ish. And I think he’s right. The stylish bodice and ruffles were signature Christian, and so I conclude that they were an amazing team. And yes, the first dress they made was so awesome that it doesn’t matter how ugly the skirt on their second outfit was. They still deserved to win.
And that’s where Team Jillian/Victoria or as my friend cleverly deemed them “the JV Squad” comes in.

It was really funny seeing the two of these ladies paired together. I was sure they were going to get into a hair pulling cat fight, but somehow they made it work. In the end, this team made the most sense because Jillian is the only one bitchy enough to not get steamrolled by Victorya's cuntiness. Jillian got to make her pretty girly stuff and Victorya got to roll her eyes and turn a model's bust into a smashed uni-boob.
Their outfits were good, but I didn't dig the pants under the big black jacket. The best part of the show was the expression on Christian's face when Jillian said, "That's why we should win!"
And now on to the loser:

It's just not fair that Kit had to go home. Yes, her fabric choices were poor, and yes the nest dress was stupid, but come on:
Ricky got away with this K-mart-esque piece of garbage? I understand that being the team leader essentially equates to walking the plank if you do a bad job, but Kit had some great ideas and an original point of view. Ricky is just a useless piece of shit who can't stop crying and looks like Fievel Mousekewitz. How long are we going to keep him on the show? Are the producers keeping him around just because he's a tear-factory? He'd better be kicked off in the next episode.

Seeing Kit go was weird. I didn't realize how much I had come to like her. When I was yelling at the TV, throwing a tantrum over her auf'ing, my boyfriend looked at me with disgust. "Um, it's just Project Runway, and Kit wasn't even that good," he scoffed. Ok, maybe he had a point. But I guess I'm really getting into this season... finally!

So who do you think will be in the final 3? I'm thinking Christian, Victorya and Jillian. And although I hated Jillian at first and her voice makes me want to stab myself, I think she's my favorite to win. Don't get me wrong, I still heart Chris March the most, but hoping for him to win is like hoping for Dennis Kucinich to become President.

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