Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Need to be the bride he's always wanted?

Apparently everybody's dying to be a bride these days. Aren't you? Thank GOD Dave Zinczenko, an "advice expert" at Yahoo, posted a blog instructing women on how to get their boyfriends to marry them.

Here are four important tips from Dave, for all you bachelorettes out there:

1. Encourage your boyfriend to play golf with his friends to show that you aren't needy.

2. Be nice to him, but not *too* nice

3. Have a big imagination-- men find that sexy

4. Show him you are prepared to react to a "lifetime's worth of challenges" by proving you can play the roles of both a mother and a vixen. (???!)

Well holy shit. Thank you Dave for showing me the answer. I've just been dying to trick my boyfriend into marrying me, but until your Yahoo advice column, I didn't know how.

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