Friday, February 1, 2008

Welcome Home

Hello Readers. I apologize that I haven't been posting that much in the last couple weeks. I have been finding myself both busy and lazy lately and I have been ignoring Today's Special. I'm sorry.

Here's what we missed during my blog hibernation:

-Barack Obama won the heart of South Carolina and me too I think!
-John Edwards and Rudy Guliani are DUNZO. Boohoo.-Heath Ledger is also DUNZO. Bigger Boohoo.-Victorya got kicked off of Project Runway for this shitious denim coat! Hooray!I'm also very excited that LOST is back on the air. Did anyone else cry like 10 times during last night's episode? I think I'm going to make a drinking game out of this season. Every time Hurley makes me cry, I'm taking a swig of wine. Every time Ben glares at me with those creepy eyes, I'm taking a shot. And everytime Jack takes a drink, I'll take two.

Maybe after watching enough episodes of LOST, my life will be in such disaray from alcohol that I can join Britney in rehab.

One can only hope.

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