Monday, December 10, 2007

Time Travelling Warlock On The L Train

Last night I saw the most amazing creature on the Manhattan-bound L train. He must have been some sort of Warlock. He was about 7 feet tall and had on a bright blue cloak with gold embroidering. His wrist watch did not appear to tell time, but looked like some futuristic device unknown to our current world. He wore green pants, rolled up just enough to reveal his bright red tights and pointy brown shoes. I was trying to be discrete while capturing his beauty on my shitty camera phone. The images I ended up with don't do him justice, but you get the idea:

Galen's theory is that this Warlock is a time traveller who uses his watch to teleport to different eras. Mostly, his clothes were confusing and he may have over-estimated the length of certain fashion trends from one century to the next ie: red tights and elf shoes. Or maybe he is just a weird guy who works as an elf in a mall. We're not sure, but it's certain that this guy was one of a kind. Maybe he was some Voyagers-style time traveller, solving problems with historical events before moving on to the next time period. Good luck with your mission, Warlock!

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