Thursday, December 13, 2007

Steven's Last Night in Town

This week's episode of Project Runway actually made me cry. Poor Jack and his HIV face explosion. But let's not talk about that because it's no fun. Instead, let's discuss Brides and Pilgrims. How did Steve manage to turn the bride of Frankenstein:

into someone fresh off the Mayflower?

Yowzers. He knows he fucked up big time.
Granted, he had the worst material to work with, but he could have at least made something like Laura Bennett's couture gown from last season:

Oh well.
Peace out Squinty!

One of the best things about this episode was that Chris came back! Boy do I love him. The outfits he designs are very special. While he was hibernating on the couch, he must have been dreaming about the Musical Dames At Sea. Literally. Look what happened:

Chris's Model:

Bernadette Peters in Dames at Sea. I hope that next week, we get to see one of those salad outfits Chris keeps talking about:

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