Wednesday, November 14, 2007

WGA Strike- Day 8,000?

<--- When will I see you again??

As the WGA strike drags on, everything is being ruined. As I mentioned before, the premiere of LOST will probably be delayed until Feb. 2009, and the new season of 24 has been postponed indefinitely. But it's not only our favorite TV shows that are being affected. Many small production companies and lit. agencies are suffering as well.

In an email to all employees of NBC Universal last Fri. about the strike was the following paragraph:

"There is no ignoring the financial damage the strike is inflicting upon the industry, and we can only hope the WGA returns to the bargaining table soon with a strong desire to work toward an agreement."

Quite a passive-aggressive statement! How about the STUDIOS return to the bargaining table to give the writers what they deserve? But the higher-ups at NBC Universal have been too busy furiously promoting their "green" campaign to save the environment. How noble! In honor of the green campaign, the studio sent thousands of "green" water bottles and tote bags to all NBC Universal employees. I'm not sure how much paper and energy was wasted by packaging and shipping these thousands of green items, but I'm sure it was a lot. Maybe if studios like NBC Uni wouldn't waste hundreds of thousands of dollars on TV spots and Internet ads for their fake green campaigns, the writers could be fairly compensated and the strike could be over!!

You know... just a thought.

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