Wednesday, November 14, 2007

MUST HAVE- Chinese BBQ Cart

While I took a little break from my consumer-whoreism this weekend to attend a wedding and consume mass amounts of white wine, my hangover has ended and my shopping urges are coming on strong. Also, I'm hungry. That's why I really need you to buy me this:

This handmade Chinese BBQ Cart Toy is availble on Etsy for just $182.80!! And look at all the food you get!

The explaination of Chinese BBQ is also provided by the seller:

Siu mei is essentially the Chinese rotisserie style of cooking within Cantonese cuisine. The style cooks meat and no vegetables. It creates a unique, deep barbecue flavor that is usually enhanced by a flavorful sauce (a different sauce is used for each meat). Shops selling these meat are commonly available in Chinese-speaking regions in East and Southeast Asia.There are many kinds of foods such as:Roasted spare ribs (Char siu), Roasted Goose (Siu ngo), Roasted Chicken (White cut chicken), Roasted Pork (Siu juk), Non-Roasted Cuttlefish (Orange cuttlefish), Duck gizzard, Pig tongue etc...


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