Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mystery Graffiti in Greenpoint

<-- I snapped a picture of this monstrosity on my walk to the subway this morning. About two weeks ago, some little asshole decided it would be fun to spraypaint this wall on my block on India St. next to my bodega. I keep wondering if he's going to add onto it later, because it seems half finished. I've been having trouble analysing it... perhaps because it's too complex for me. Kind of like Mullholand Drive, but in an ugly, uninteresting way. I have come to accept now that this is it- this is the finished work. So I have done my best to try to assess it:

From what I gather, this is some sort of deformed monster with a megaphone and UFO's or some other questionable object for hair. Behind him is fire, with a burning eye inside of it. What does it all mean!?

Upon closer inspection of the "artwork" I came accross this --->
It's a myspace handle for the tagger. Of course, the proper myspace handle is:
But maybe the elusiveness of the wrong web address is all part of his genius. There weren't many clues on Bader's myspace page into his tortured soul. All I could glean was that he's a Gemini, he spells graffiti wrong, and he's single... hellooooo ladies! I also found his personal myspace page, where he lists his phone number in case you want him to come over and spray paint your wall.

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