Friday, November 9, 2007

ipods and iphones are gonna kill ya

<-- don't do this!
New studies conducted on the iphone and ipod have shown that both of these coveted devices contain high amounts of toxic chemicals. The ipod earbud cables contain dangerous Phthalates- a family of chemicals which are now illegal in the state of California.
"But what about my precioous iphone?" you ask. Leave it to Greenpeace to get to the bottom of this shit. They took the iphone apart and found very high levels of toxic chemicals inside.

My favorite part of the clip about this on CNN is when the reporter asks:

"Would you have to eat your iphone to get this type of poison in?"

The answer? "We don't know."

So uh... basically, don't eat your iphone or earphones. I know it's tempting... In this case, an apple a day will not keep the doctor away. Muahaha. Hahaa. Ah.

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