Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The G Train Strikes Again

Last night on our way home from Manhattan, my boyfriend and I found ourselves stuck in the Metropolitan G train stop. As we waited patiently among a crowd of at least 200 people on the platform, I began to question the insanity of our situation. We waited on the platform for 40 minutes! From 11:10PM to 11:50PM there was no train in sight. Some people started to get antsy. One guy made himself a hero by going upstairs to yell at an MTA Employee.

"What the FUCK is going on with the train!" he shouted. "I've been waiting on the goddamn platform for 45 fucking minutes!"

We would have applauded had we not been so tired and worn down by disgust . Finally, the MTA guy made an announcement.

"No more G trains tonight," he informed. "Take the shuttle bus."

It would have been nice for him to let the crowd know a half hour earlier, but I guess he couldn't be bothered. Hundreds of angry people filtered out of the subway station, cursing all the way to the bus stop, where there was no shuttle waiting. After about 10 more minutes of waiting, we decided it was time to stop the insanity and call a cab.

MTA, you owe me $9.

When is this shit going to stop?

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Tyler and Leah said...

at least you have a train option! where I come from there aren't any trains in site for miles!!! you either drive a car or take hours on the bus to get anywhere. My husband buses 1 1/2 every day into school,which would be a 30-40 minute car ride depending on traffic. We have a sky train from other areas of Vancouver, but where we are the only option.