Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fanny Packs

Today when I was doing some online pretend shopping on I came across her new line of fanny packs! I always used to joke about how fanny packs would eventually come back into fashion, and now I'm pretty sure it's actually happening. The oh-so-cool Brooklyn based designer has offered up these three fanny p's for this season... for $108.00, one of them can be yours! Sheesh. I remember when I used to go hiking with my mom on Camelback Mountain and I needed my neon pink fanny pack to carry my tissue pack. I can't imagine my parents would have splurged that much for convenient storage apparel. And speaking of apparel, American Apparel is cashing in on this trend too. A more affordable fanny pack can be yours from AA for $14-$17. I like the touch of the matching fingernails:

And just for good measure, here are is a menagerie of fanny packs I found today:

goooo fanny!

1 comment:

Erin said...

holy fanny pack! have you seen any fanny pack wearers yet? i dread the day when i start carrying my money and chapstick in a little zipped pouch that snaps around my waist.