Saturday, January 22, 2011

Must Have: Pillows!

I've developed a pillow problem. You see, it all started this morning when Galen's mom Alison confirmed she would get us a new couch. This news came as quite a relief, since the current couch we have is being held together by safety pins (literally) and has been reduced to a Marjorie the trash heap-esque mass.

After gazing at all sorts of zany sofas that were ultra-cool and particularly uncomfortable, I've been talked into getting a very cozy, neutral couch. It's the Henry in dove-gray cotton basket weave from West Elm, and I think it will be a smart choice. And now I get to jazz it up with pillows, which makes my heart race with excitement. Which of these should I get?


Oars and Anchor Cushion by Helkatdesign
Gate Citrine pillow by Dwell Studios
Horses Cushion by Helkatdesign


Pyramids Woven pillow by Dwell Studios
Bazaar Lion pillow by Thomas Paul
Seahorse pillow by Thomas Paul


Martin Square pillow by Unison
Fox Cushion by Donna Wilson
Rope Rectangle pillow by Unison


Elizabeth said...

I vote for the fox!

Red pillows said...

Me too! I'd vote for the fox!