Saturday, September 11, 2010

Taco Challenge

I am what you could call a Mexican food snob. After living in southern California for many years, I thought I had tasted the best of it. I just celebrated my 5 year anniversary of being a New Yorker, and I've been on a quest for good Mexican food the entire time. It only took 5 years, but I finally found it.

The. Best. Taco. Ever.

That right there is called a Calexico Carne Asada. It includes tender, marinated skirt streak, some slaw, guac, and of course, crack sauce. Yes, it's actually called crack sauce, and it tastes like chipotle mixed with heaven. Three fantastic brothers from California are responsible for the Calexico Cart, which serves a lot of stuff in addition to this perfect taco. The cart I go to is by the Brooklyn Bridge and there's always one in Soho too. Follow them on Twitter to find out where they are on any given day.Thanks this cart for simultaneously making my dreams come true and adding 10 lbs to my frame of taco weight. I have to be in a wedding in a couple weeks that requires me to squeeze into a very small dress. After that, it is time for the taco challenge!

When I return to NYC on 9/28, I will return to eating as many Calexico Cart tacos as possible. Additionally, I challenge you to name a more delicious taco. Name a Mexican place in NYC and I will try it. Mail me a taco from Mexico and I will eat it. I DARE you to find a taco that is more perfect than the Calexico Carne Asada drizzled with crack sauce. Anyway, name the taco and I will put it in my mouth.


ELI said...

Damn - another reason to go to NY! So glad you found good Mexican food in your new home. Whenever I travel, I have a hard time being away from lovely CA Mexican food. One time I had a burrito in bueno.

David said...

This blog post got very exciting towards the end.

modage said...

Love Calexico Cart but love their burritos more than their tacos. If you haven't already you should try Dos Toros Tacqueria below Union Sq which is my new obsession. And I used to love Mercadito in the East Village but lately haven't been as into it.