Friday, September 10, 2010

Fashion's Night Out

The night of high fashion has arrived. It’s time to get gussied up and hang out with a bunch of skinny famous people while sipping champagne and making empty promises to yourself about never eating again. That’s right, it’s Fashion’s Night Out!

This year my outfit is a little boring, and wish I could spice it up with this nice ice cream cone hat

But alas, I will be heading out ice cream-less. I’m pretty jazzed up about tonight’s festivities though. Here’s what I’ll be up to tonight:
Opening Ceremony is hosting a French flea market at the Ace Hotel. I’ve always wanted to go to Paris, so instead I’ll just go here. It’s probably just as good, right?

Kim Gordon (fashion goddess/my lady crush/ bass player from Sonic Youth) will be at Sportmax to debut her new line. I’m going to stop by so I can try to touch her arm.

Then I’m going to attempt to catch Sarah Silverman doing standup at MAC cosmetics. She will most likely be cracking jokes about how she doesn’t wear makeup.

Also? Refinery 29 is having a party DvF. If you don’t go to this, you’re a dumb dumb.

Greenpoint is having their own FNO party, and it’s supposed to be off the chain. The best event looks to be the In God We Trust party, which will feature a cameo by favorite perfume designers DS & Durga.

Too much to keep track of? Fashion’s Night Out made a really cool feature that allows you to make your own agenda for the evening. And to live vicariously through people who are better than you, check out this amazing site, which aggregates the #NYFW tweets.

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Jamie said...

Why aren't you going to Barneys?!