Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Target Treasures

Let's be honest - Target is a pretty great place. I rarely have the opportunity to go, but when I was in New Jersey for X-mas break I took full advantage of suburbia. I went to not one but TWO Targets (apparently once you pop you can't stop.) Here are some of the must-have items I found:

Rodarte for Target
shirt: Rodarte for Target
jeans and headband: Levis
necklace from minimarket

I was excited to find a Target that actually had some Rodarte stuff in stock since I've been reading about how the collection has been flying off the shelves. Unfortunately most of the stuff that was left was pretty crappy looking. The skirts with a layer of tulle over them looked mega cheap, and the floral print rain coat thing was totally hideous. I thought I would keep things simple and go with a standard gray t-shirt. It's pretty ok.

Dwell Studios for Target
I have been pining after Dwell Studios bedding forever, and thanks to Target it's now mine! Well, Target and Galen's mom, who was kind enough to buy us new bedding for Christmikkah. There were a lot of nice options, but we opted for the gray and blue floral set with a gray geometric quilt. Pancake christened the new bed set by barfing on it the first night so that was pretty cool too.

Lisa Frank Stickers

It really doesn't get much better than this. Please observe my two favorite stickers which are pictured above - a cheeseburger and fries, and of COURSE - a dog and a cat getting married. The best. Also? The rainbow leopard sticker stirred up such emotions that I had to stick it on my face. I hadn't felt such a rush since Galen bought me my beach-scene trapper keeper a hundred years ago...Thanks for the good times Target!

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Taylor T-Sides said...

Heh. We now have the same comforter! I painted my room in my old apartment green, and bought that comforter to go with my naturey floral theme. But I painted my new place light orange so I think I gotta find something new :(