Monday, March 23, 2009

Practice makes cuter

So this weekend I made a shitload of clay animals. I made Galen take me to the Michaels in Queens, which we soon discovered was filled with fat, depressed ladies and screaming children. I waded my way through the masses until I got to the clay aisle. They seriously had like every color of Sculpey imaginable, so I loaded up my basket and paid a small fortune for crafting supplies. I keep telling myself that maybe I'll make my money back in the end...

Anyways, every time I make a new animal, it gets better and better. I'm glad I'm giving away the unicorn for free (don't forget to enter to win!) because it kind of looks like shit compared to this cute deer: Here's his side profile:
I also made some rabbits, a duck, an elephant and a dinosaur!
I decided I'm also going to make a little scroll to go with each animal - it will say the animal's name and what they used to like to do before their untimely death and subsequent mounting.

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