Sunday, March 8, 2009

le weekend

On Friday night, I went to see KRTS at Public Assembly. He played an awesome set which included my all time favorite sesame street song... the pinball song!

Then on Saturday, I forced Galen to go on a picnic against his wishes. I know... I'm such a bitch. The weather was so nice though, I just couldn't resist. I cut up some cheese and apples and we all headed over to McCarren Park. Look at our pretty pick-uh-nick basket!Pancake was lovin it.
When the sun comes out to play, so do all the hipsters, which I guess is to be expected. One guy was standing against a tree playing a clarinet, trying super hard to be all St. Elmo's Fire. Another guy set up an easel to paint a picture. Silly hipsters thinking trees are ladies with dresses.
After the park, we went to New Jersey where we proceeded to eat a pile of cake-shaped sushi, complete with birthday candle.Now on with Monday.


absolutely not said...

oh no you didn't just make a st. elmo's fire reference! (i have a rule that if i read or hear those words, i need to watch the movie immediately).

Beth Urq said...

lovin the new haircut! the first picnic of the year... sweet!