Thursday, February 5, 2009

Top Chef Recap: Eel Killers

Last night's episode of Top Chef was a little gross with all the fish heads and stuff, but it was nice to see Eric Ripert as a guest judge. He is known for making great seafood and I've always wanted to try his stuff.

Did you think it's strange that Eric Ripert rocks the same hairdo as Jay Manuel from Top Model? He also wears the same button-down black shirt but makes a smart decision to expose less chest.
The quickfire challenge required the contestants to chop off fish heads and de-bone filets. After successfully skinning their way to the top, Stefan and Hosea had to face off in round 3. They made kissey-faces at each other to show their love. It was truly a magic moment.But the magic died quickly when the guys had to hammer nails through eel heads and rip the skin off of their squirming bodies...What the hell!? I've never seen anything like that before but I decided I'm never eating eel again after seeing the prepping process. Stefan did that shit like it was a hobby. It was so deviant and strange, it reminded me of something Dieter from Sprockets would do.
I guess Stefan sort of has a lot in common with Dieter.Then during the elimination challenge, everyone got to work trying to recreate dishes from Eric Ripert's restaurant Le Bernardin. The restaurant looked really cool so I checked out the menu on Menu Pages. Seeing that the lunch prefix costs $68, I concluded it was just a little bit out of my price range.

Fabio made an ok dish, but one again his charm carried him to the top.Everyone was impressed by Fabio - even judge Toby who is usually a complete dick. And speaking of Toby, did anyone else notice that he was wearing ear plugs at the judges' table?Maybe he was just trying to drown out Jamie's bitchery. I think she's a talented chef, but I couldn't believe how negative and insulting she was being.In the end Stefan the deviant fish killer won again, and Jamie got kicked off which was kind of sad. Maybe we'll see her again somewhere over the rainbow. Somehow Carla has remained in this competition even though she's completely wacked out and tried to substitute cooking skills with "love." My thought is that no matter how much love she channels into her food next week, she's going to have to pack her knives and go. Or maybe it will be Leah. She's pretty talentless too but at least she's able to seduce her way to the top.


David Dust said...

I think it's ridiculous that Leah is still competing an Jamie was sent home.

And you are correct - Toby Young IS a dick.

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Anonymous said...

Totally a Carla fan. Her whackness won me over.