Thursday, January 8, 2009

TV is my Bestie

Recently I have been dealing with some unfortunate family drama, so I've been drowning my sorrows with the help of Charles Shaw and my new flat screen television. I suspect I was the last person on earth to get a flat screen, but Galen's mom helped bring us into the 21st century by giving us a 32" Panasonic this X-mas! Last night was an amazing night for TV. Here are three reasons why:

Top Chef:
The new judge was introduced! He called someone's dish "cat food" and said Rahdika's dish was a weapon of mass destruction. Jayme won because she made scallops for the 8,000 time, and this time they tasted pretty good according to Padma and pals. I guess eventually you've got to get it right, right? Two idiots were kicked off but somehow that space case Carla is still on the show. When you try to "find the love organically" by staring at the olive oil aisle of Whole Foods, you've got some problems. Check yourself before you wreck yourself gurl. Also? She totally looks like a Honker from Sesame Street:

The Real World- Brooklyn:
A tranny who is not a hot mess (ok maybe a little) is part of the cast this year and some people react like this:There are a few boneheads but JD, the gay dude, is a dolphin trainer and I love him. It looks like this season might actually be a return to Real World's roots of following normal, non-sexy people care about other things besides having threesomes in hot tubs. And- Chet claims to be straight even though he sings with vibrato and looks like this:Also, he said he heard that people "come to Brooklyn to be shot." Some words of advice to the Chetster: PLZ GET OUT OF MY HOOD AND DO NOT COME BACK. TX, LR
Also? How excited are you to read Ryan's book about his

post-traumatic stress inducing awesome experience of fighting in Iraq? I'm heading over to Amazon to see if I can pre-order that masterpiece.

Super Jail:
If you haven't seen this awesome cartoon on adult swim, you have to check it out ASAP. In this show which is a cross between Wondershowzen and Ren and Stimpy on acid, babies are killed frequently and there is a homicidal flying robot. Could Super Jail possibly be any cooler? No... no it couldn't. Watch this video of my favorite episode to get a taste, or to see it in better quality on Adult Swim's site, go here.


Dave said...

The show's perspective of Brooklyn is all messed.

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