Sunday, January 11, 2009

No Pants 2K9 Snowstorm Party

So this year's No Pants 2K9 was totally amazing. Improv Everywhere's Charlie Todd must have been proud because this year's attendance was a new record- I believe there were 1,300 people present. I wore a bright pink jacket and underwear with black, white and pink stores (it's VERY important to match your underwear to your outerwear for this event!) Here is my pantsless afternoon in pictures, done up 24 style in honor of the season premiere.

At the Whiskey Tavern in Chinatown, I met up with agent Morrish. We befriended the bartender along with several other No Pants participants and consumed many shots.

3:08 PM:
We showed up at Foley square and got our instructions from Charlie. My pal Alex was the group captain for the R/W train and made me be in charge of the first car. I was feeling a little hazy after consuming so many alcoholic beverages at the Whiskey, but I took my responsibilities seriously and instructed everyone to the best of my ability.
3:40 PM:
The R/W train crew loaded up at the Canal street stop, ready and raring to depant.

4:20 PM:
Andy, Alex, Melissa, Chris and I took our pants off and stepped off the train at the 34 St. Station.

5:15 PM:
We got back on the R train heading downtown. After having to pee for approximately 3 hours (code red emergency) I had to depart the train early to piss at a local bar.

5:25 PM:
Andy and I got back on the next R train, after taking a huge whiz (thank god!) and took our pants off again

5:50 PM:
We got off the subway in Union Square, got out in the snow, and frolicked around with many other pantsless riders. Times were good. Ferrets were included.6:30 PM:
We walked around the city in search of a good bar. It was just a lil' cold.

6:45 PM:
We arrive at the Crocodile Lounge for beer, free pizza and lots of Nudie Photo Hunt (my favorite game!)9:00 PM-ish:
We're over the Croc Lounge because free pizza is great but it's only amazing for so long. We decide to walk to cheap shots with a crew of other pantsless folks.9:40 PM:
Things get weird.

After that my memory is pretty hazy but in general, it was a great time. If you were there, please feel free to share story about your experience in the comments! Also, check out my complete Flickr set.

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Anonymous said...

Can you believe that even Phoenix had a "NO PANTS" day??? Our new light rail system just went into operation a few weeks ago and was surprised by a gang of no pants riders on Saturday.