Friday, January 30, 2009

Subway Fashion- Housewives Edition

Guess who I rode the L train with this morning?!?
The most fashionable ladies in town... the Real Housewives of NYC! I was sitting directly across from Jill, Ramoron and some random new bitch. Because I feel it's important that my NY neighbors not be strangers, I took the liberty of researching this unfamiliar face on Bravo's website.

It turns out her name is Kelly Killoren Bensimon. Not only is she the newest face of Housewives, she is also the star of a different reality show called Behind the Hedges. You know, it's really important to have at least 2 reality shows if you want to keep up. She's also written 3 books and designs sweaters and jewelry. And in case you were wondering, she is also a model, equestrian, and editor. Personally, I think the most exciting fact about Kelly is that she used to be married to Gilles Bensimon of America's Next Top Model fame. I suspect he may have played just a small part in the success of Kelly's modeling career. I can't wait to see Jill Zarin kick her in the teeth.

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Myka Fox said...

i *heart^ jill zarin. Feb 17th is the day. if i'm not out of town we should hold a RHNY viewing party.

ps- did the younger zarin finally lose all that weight???