Monday, December 29, 2008

An Udder Disappointment

I was really excited to learn about this cool company called Moo which turns your flickr photos into business cards, stickers, mugs etc. I was SO thrilled by this service that I decided to drop some change on stickers made from photos of my Alaska trip. I ordered the stickers on Dec. 6th, and received an email confirming that they were being shipped shortly there after. I was told I would receive the stickers in 5-7 business days. Well, today is Dec. 29th and I STILL haven't received them. Too bad they were supposed to be a Christmas present for my boyfriend's mom. Damn you Moo!

Had I known their shipping was so unreliable, I surely wouldn't have dropped an even heftier amount of change on new years cards! I placed my order Dec. 15th and received an email the same day saying they were being shipped to my address, but the country they had listed was CANADA. WTF? The last time I checked, Brooklyn is in the USA. I emailed them about the debacle and after telling me it was probably MY mistake, they agreed to ship me more cards to the correct address. Well guess what? It's almost New Year's Day, and I don't expect to receive these cards anytime soon. So in honor of the almost new year, here is a special greeting from me, Galen and Pancake.


The Masked Blogger said...

Wait a second. Was the the title of that a cow related pun because the site was called "moo?" If so, it should've been spelled "utter." Still funny, though.

If that's not what you meant though and it's just a, what a missed opportunity.

The Masked Blogger Strikes Again.

The Masked Blogger said...

oh, i meant "udder." haha.

Lesley Robin said...
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Anonymous said...

Next time you should try
Print Peppermint. I've ordered my business cards and postcards from them and encountered no problem at all. Their print quality is pretty amazing too.