Saturday, November 8, 2008

Obama Won.. blah blah... On to the Puppeh!

Hooray! Perhaps you've heard... Barack Obama will be the 44th President of the United States! I really didn't have enough faith in my fellow country men and women to pick the right person for the job.. but WE DID IT! It proves the point that Bill Maher brought up last night, that we as a nation can "bounce back." Yeah, we fucked up the last 8 years, but now we're turning a new page. If you didn't watch Real Time With Bill Maher last night, you should be sure to check out the best part- an homage paid to the annoying people we will no longer have to deal with now that Obama was elected president. Behold- "A Farewell to Douchebags":

Peace out, douchies! And how it's time to cover what is clearly the most important concern facing our nation: which dog will Barack Obama adopt to be the new White House pup!? EVERYONE and their mother is pondering this question. So- we know they want a shelter dog, and we know they want it to be hypo-allergenic. No problem dude! Pancake herself is a shelter dog, and because she is half poodle, she is hypo-allergenic. It's really not hard to meet those requirements. Here's a whole list of dogs that are hypo-allergenic. But don't worry Barack, I know you're probably too busy now to figure this out so I've got your back. I've found you and the girls the perfect hypo-allergenic dog to adopt from the DC Shelter Washington Animal Rescue League. She's even got the perfect name for your new home. Obamas, meet Miss White!

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